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[Themis = Greek titaness of fairness and order]

Internal Auditor blogging about data analytics

The name of this blog derives from the ancient greek titaness Themis: 


She is considered as the personification of fairness and order. 

Fairness and order also are the motivations for performing my job: Internal Audit.


As such my favourite area is data analysis. While I fancy the diversity of requirements for Internal Audit, like Psychology, Forensics, Finance, IT and Technology, Strategy and several more, on this blog I focus on fraud and finance data analytics.


Being a trainer in this field, I love to present the newest news in fraud data analytics and here you will find advice doing data analysis for your daily job. I support you with these tipps and tricks to make you an expert in the rapidly evolving field of big data and its analytics methods.


If the tipps on these sites don't cover your problem or if you need consulting in a fraud detection and prevention issue, feel free to contact me directly.


On my twitter feed Iam updating in and around data analysis.

Fraud Dataanalysis


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But now let´s dive into my blog about data analysis in fraud and finance. Enjoy...